Quality Landscaping

We offer a comprehensive landscape installation process

Total Yard Care offers residential landscape installation. When you take advantage of our landscape installation services, you can be sure that your landscaping is done right from the start. Our professional installation team will turn your landscape design plan into a beautiful reality that will enhance the overall look of your home and provide you with many years of enjoyment.

We manage the entire process - from laying sod to planting trees, shrubs and flowers to installing concrete patios and pavers. Our landscape installation team can also install irrigation systems, landscape lighting, and any other hardscape elements that your landscape design plan requires. To put the finishing touch on your new landscaping, we can also spread mulch and pine straw in flower beds and other planting areas. We handle all types and sizes of installations, from large properties with lots of plants to small backyard landscaping projects..

Landscape Installation

We select the highest quality, most vigorous stock from reputable nurseries for use in our projects. We analyze your site to ensure every plant selected is suitable for its location in the plan, contemplating sun/shade requirements, watering requirements, plant mature height and width, and other cultural and environmental factors.

Landscape Low-Voltage Lighting

We specialize in creating outdoor lighting systems to extend your enjoyment of the landscape into the evening hours. Subtle lighting of various plants and architectural features can be spectacular with accent lights, uplights, moon lighting, shadow lighting, and path lighting. All our systems include a professional stainless steel transformer with electric timers and high quality fixtures.

Site Amenities and Garden Construction

We also design and build other site amenities, which may include: pergolas, gazebos, trellises, arbors, fences, and decks.